Dieter Ennemosers C37-Theorie & Praxis

„Über Absolutheit und Wahrnehmung von Tonschönheit“

by David Alexander Arroyabe

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In the present script the theories of the Tyrolean violin maker and acoustic researcher Dieter Ennemoser 
and their preliminary practical applications are being discussed comprehensively for the first time. This is the first scientific publication about Ennemosers trains of thoughts, experiments and the results of his research, completed by a biography (current state).

In the 1980s, in the course of his extensive research on the beauty of sound (respectively its perception) he came across some highly interesting correlations regarding resonance structures of diffrent materials and their consequences. By means of his new, thoroughly diffrent, yet easy approach he discloses undreamed-of perspectives for all phenomenons related to the process of hearing. For the first time it´s clearly proven, that the perception of timbres and tone colours as beautiful is not purely subjective, self-learned or due to cultural imprint; in fact structures in consequence of human nature are relevant herefore.

The effects of these discoveries are currently completely incalculable.